Inversion Tables For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people make appointments with their general doctors or chiropractors. It may seem surprising at first, but when you consider how much time many people spend bent over computer desks and keyboards or slouched in a chair or couch, it is easy to see that we don’t tend to have perfect posture. The spine holds all of the most important nerves in the body, and when it falls out of alignment, it can result in anything from lower back pain to illness. Today, instead of drugs and surgery, many people are turning to inversion tables for back pain.

Inversion Therapy Has Many Health Benefits

Inversion therapy is a unique and excellent way to help alleviate back pain resulting from stress, compression, poor posture, or improper spinal alignment. This therapy involves connecting yourself to a table and using gravity to invert your body to an angle that leaves you nearly upside down. From here, the power of gravity will help to gently pull your discs into the proper alignment. Many people experience at least a 35% reduction in muscle tension the very first time that they try inversion therapy, and the health benefits only increase with regular use.

The reason inversion therapy is so helpful is that as the spine is pulled back into alignment, muscles and ligaments that had to overexert themselves to keep you upright are now able to do the job more easily. When your vertebrae are too far to one side, these muscles have to stretch themselves beyond their normal range to keep your body in position.  Inversion therapy can also help by increasing the space between your vertebrae, which can become compacted from poor posture, high impact workouts, or even a fall or accident. Inversion tables for back pain have been around in some form for over 2,000 years and are still very popular.

An Affordable Way To Relieve Back Pain

Inversion therapy offers both short and long term benefit in terms of treating back pain.  Almost all users find instant relief using the best inversion table, but with frequent use and proper posture, you will find that they can actually help keep the pain from coming back.  Alignment of the spine can help offer a wide range of absolutely incredible benefits to the body, and Inversion tables for back pain is an easy way to achieve proper alignment without any risk of danger or ill effects.  It is completely safe and natural.

It is in this safety that inversion therapy really garners the most recognition. Drug therapy often brings about the risk of many side effects and only works to hide the pain by dulling pain signal reception in the brain. Surgery can be even riskier and often treats the symptoms instead of the problem. If you are looking for a better solution that might get rid of the problem instead of alleviating a symptom, it is time to consider inversion tables for back pain. Millions of people all over the world have experienced the benefits of this remarkable therapy, and now you can too.


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